Autopsy of a controversy

An immersive interactive installation in which the public, using a virtual reality headset, is invited to reinvest one of the most mysterious places in recent media history: The autopsy room of Roswell’s creature In 1995, a lm appears, supposedly shot in the early 1950s on an American military base, which bears witness to the autopsy of an alien. This event, the impact of which is then greatly ampli ed by the nascent Internet, makes rumour and controversy and revives public interest in the « Roswell conspiracy ». For 20 years, no one will know exactly where, when and by whom this lm was shot, but these images will strongly in uence the collective imagination. Still available in the form of raw rushes on the internet, we have confronted them with the most recent and powerful photogrammetric analysis algorithms. The space thus obtained constitutes, not the reconstruction of a set, but the trace, the imprint of the autopsy room, stratifed by differences between the constituent images of the lm: A raw virtual space extracted from the cinematographic material.

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