Ocean Series : Speculative corals of the Chtulhucene

VR sculpted corals and coral reefs

The artistic process of digital images rendered in 3D from coral sculptures made in virtual reality explores themes of the speculative fiction inventing new forms of naturecultures.

The coral sculptures, created in virtual reality, are a result of research through action, of the intersection between the natural world and technology. The textured corals and forms of silicium are created through a combination of 3D modeling techniques and virtual reality sculpting tools. The use of metallic, reflective and crystal textures as visual elements to sculpt the fragility and rarity of coral reefs. The intricate forms of the sculptures are inspired by the complex and varied shapes of real coral reefs, and at the same time is an exploration of the VR medium itself – using gestures to virtually sculpt takes creation process to an experimental laboratory of possibles sympoieses.

At the same time, the use of digital tools and virtual reality allows for a layer of abstraction and distance from the physical world, raising questions about our relationship with nature in the Anthropocene era. The use of speculative design also allows for an exploration of alternative possibilities and futures for the relationship between humans and the natural world.

D. Haraway writes :

“The proliferation of coral reefs is a sign of the wealth of symbiosis in the world, of the astonishing fecundity of the oceanic world, and of the heterogenous intimate contact zones between human and nonhuman beings that can foster flourishing multispecies worlds.”

Haraway highlights the complex and interconnected relationships between human and nonhuman beings, and the importance of recognizing the symbiotic relationships that allow for the flourishing of life on our planet. Her writing on corals emphasizes the fragility of these ecosystems, and the urgent need for humans to take action to protect and preserve them in the face of the challenges posed by the Anthropocene.

The vr sculpted corals are used in real time with dynamic environment and shading in order to offer a VR immersive experience.

The use of game engines to create a VR immersive 6Dof (six degrees of freedom) experiences with the VR sculptd corals adds an exciting new dimension to the artwork. By creating a dynamic environment with changing lighting and shading, the VR experience creates a sense of presence and immersion for the viewer, allowing them to interact with the sculptures in a way that is not possible through traditional media.


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