Speculative naturecultures

A forest, is a glimpse of a near future.

Earth is a VR simulation.

We imagine a forest as it used to be. It’s speculative natures. With our human technology we captured the last breathing forest, A. Forest. Artefacts of human creation were left as traces of a civilization. The project deals with the sustainability of the earth’s soil and how it is threatened by its abuse, which is slowly destroying the ecosystem.

Through 3D technology, Artificial Intelligence and Computer real-time Simulation, we have realistically represented a forest from 2022 in a video game-like virtual reality. Earth is a VR simulation. The planet is experiencing a glaciation, after 19 years of desertification. The consequences of climate change brought homosapiens to a critical stage of survival. However, despite growing concern about climate change and the impact that human energy consumption has had, in recent years, global CO2 levels have continued their steady rise. The project focuses on understanding the role and composition of soil, which can in turn help in understanding how climate change can affect the overall health of forest ecosystems. The installation claims to redefine our relationship with nature and matter, organic as well as inorganic.

VR Sculpting process (Oculus view)


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